What is a transparent OLED display?

The transparent OLED display is a new type of organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology. Its characteristic is that while displaying images, the objects behind it can be seen through the screen, so it is called “transparent”. Displays with this technology can provide high-quality image and video display without affecting the background, so they are widely used in retail, exhibitions, advertising and other occasions where transparent displays are required.

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The thickness of the transparent OLED display depends on the manufacturer and product model. Generally speaking, transparent OLED displays can be between 0.5 mm and 2 mm thick, making them thinner, lighter, and more flexible than traditional LCD displays.

Regarding the impact of OLED on the eyes, although OLED displays can provide higher contrast and wider viewing angles, they also produce blue light, which may cause some damage to the eyes. Therefore, when using OLED displays for long periods of time, you should take appropriate rest and protect your eyes.

Currently, there are many companies around the world producing transparent OLED displays, including Samsung, LG, Sony, Sharp, etc. These companies are constantly improving transparent OLED technology to provide higher display quality and a wider range of applications.

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