Business visit to Vietnam strengthens partnership

On the 22nd and 23rd of May 2023, our company’s delegation visited Vietnam for a two-day business meeting. During the visit, we had in-depth discussions with our partners, strengthening our partnership.

During the visit, our representatives engaged in several discussions with our Vietnamese clients and their partners. We touched upon the finer details of our cooperative project, reaching new levels of mutual understanding and deepening our partnership.

Our Vietnamese clients expressed a great deal of interest in our products during the talks and we were happy to provide them with information about the products, market trends, and our company’s achievements. We deliberated on the cooperation mode, sales price, and other key aspects and signed a preliminary agreement of intent.

Furthermore, we also visited several local businesses during our visit, gaining valuable insights into the Vietnamese market and clients’ needs. This visit has cemented our partnership and created a solid foundation for our future cooperation.

Our visit was a significant step in strengthening the partnership between our companies. We look forward to continuing our work with our Vietnamese partners, expanding cooperation in our various fields, and seizing new opportunities to help achieve our growth ambitions.

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