2 Containers Production Line Machines To Iran

On August 1, 2023, We are thrilled to announce the successful delivery of 2 containers production line machines to our esteemed client in Iran. This momentous occasion highlights our commitment to serving our Iranian customers and further strengthens our partnership in the region.

The delivery of production line machine is a testament to our expertise and dedication in providing advanced systematic lighting solutions. We understand the growing demand for lights in Iran and have developed cutting-edge machine to meet these requirements.

We have a talented team of engineers and technicians who excel in the development, installation, and maintenance of our machine. They are readily available to provide technical support and training to our Iranian client, ensuring a seamless integration of the production line into their operations.

This successful delivery marks a significant milestone in our long-standing relationship with our Iranian client. We are confident that our production line machines will enhance their manufacturing capabilities and contribute to their business growth.

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